Beer Before Liquor (preachertom) wrote,
Beer Before Liquor

Hungry for Something

I've been so, so hungry lately for some reason or another.

I gently increased the size of my intervals today just to see what might happen. I felt no knee pain at the end of my half hour, but I'm hardly enjoying my runs. Mostly I spend all my head space overanalyzing the sensations traveling up my right leg each time it hits the ground so I can stop at the first glimmer of pain. It'll probably be a couple weeks after the knee stuff is all healthy for my mind to get itself right.

Meanwhile, I've been drawing. Lately it's been a lot more like making myself draw, so I've been falling back on running and tinkering with the new computer bits for hobbies of enjoyment. Probably my sketchbook pages are just overwhelmed by random lines. A lot of little renderings of fabric folds or wrinkles peppered by half-hearted figure drawings that come more from the head than the eye or the heart. I really wanted to be about a month in to a new book at this point, but that hasn't happened yet.

The old book, however,  is now available on Amazon.

I really am trying to lighten up on myself and assure same self that I'm allowed to fuck around as much as I want -- not every drawing has to be in the pursuit of work/fame/money. Not every doodle is a new character to license and etc. but it is hard, hard, hard. It's getting easier, but still.

Tags: drawing, fail faster forever, running
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