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Beer Before Liquor

Various Rehabilitations

So I've got to haul home a new record player and a case for my new computer. It's probably poor planning that both these giant packages arrived on the same day, but who could predict UPS?

My summer project is building a home theatre PC. It's gotta play all the various Internet videos and downloads, plus Blu-Ray, plus (ideally) replace the TiVo's DVR functions. It's a big ambitious thing, but others have done it and I've taken some serious notes on what they've done and plotted my system accordingly. Still, it was going to be one of those pipe dream projects I always talk about and never get to (for example: building myself a new desktop already), so I sank a pile of money into components for this project to commit me to getting it done already. Software-wise, I've got my laptop running almost everything I intend to put on this new computer, but it's a laptop and so it's counter-functional to make it a completely immobile part of the entertainment center.

Yesterday was my first full set (8) of 60-second interval runs without any knee pain. These are tiny intervals for a tiny total, but it's a little victory as I do little physical therapy type exercises and ice and ibuprofen and foam roll the shit out of my legs several times a day. Last week, when I could do only 4 60-second interval bits before stopping, in one of them I hit this, like, perfect form. It was the physical equivalent of an epiphany. Just: BING! and my body ran effortlessly, feet falling in a line, arms not too high, landing on the balls of my feet rather than the heel. I felt like a goddamn gazelle and it felt more like playing out than working out. For just 60 seconds. I think that one single minute redoubled my enthusiasm and determination. 

As for everything else, we're still putting the house back together. Cleaning, organizing, exercizing.There's food in the fridge and we threw out everything in the freezer. We're rehabilitating that thing, too. You can already use it to get actual human ice instead of novelty-large or novelty-small cubes. It looks like a doctor's office in that cold cubby, rather than a series of frosty lumps.

I'm saying there's a lot of putting things together and putting things back together to be done. But isn't that always the way in a entropy-loving universe?
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