Beer Before Liquor (preachertom) wrote,
Beer Before Liquor

Good Habits

No drawings today, just more posting to keep up momentum.

Friday morning, my brother and I flew out to New Mexico to surprise our mom for Mother's Day. It was a great trip, sort of a mini-vacation with my mom and brother. The traveling and altitude only aggravated my general level of insomnia, though, and finally finally finally I got a deep long night's sleep last night. I was out before the reading lamp in the bedroom was off and while Sara was still playing Mother 3 in the living room. I was so out my dreams were solid objects etched in my memory instead of fuzzy half-remembered notions. I'm saying I feel pretty great today.

Something else that happened was I banged the shit out of my bad knee on a doorway of my mom's new place. Monday was the two-week running furlough mark, but I've got a nice goose egg on my kneecap, so who knows if that joint's feeling better yet or not.

My routine's been jostled and it'll be jostled again next week when I'm gone to Hawaii for work. It's silly, but I'm always a little on edge when there's too much breaking of my routines at once. I've been a relatively slackful and disorganized person in my life, but the creative habits and routines I've slowly put together have made me a healthier and happier person. Even just a few days accommodating chaos, and I get anxious like I'll have kicked my good habits without looking.
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