Beer Before Liquor (preachertom) wrote,
Beer Before Liquor

We saw a free IMAX screening of the new Star Trek movie last night. It was not at all terrible, which was a nice feeling, given that I went in prepared to wince and watch the whole thing between my fingers while weeping. Most of the stupendously hokey stuff is weighted toward the beginning and it might be the first time where they advertised a movie with all the worst scenes instead of any of the best. It manages to make the danger the characters are in exciting even though you know they're all invulnerable by force of tradition. Given how it shuffles them from cliffhanger to cliffhanger with a big "gee whiz" grin on Kirk the whole time, it actually kind of felt like one of those good Indiana Jones movies.

Maybe I saw charm that wasn't there because of the IMAX experience, but I went in wincing and walked out happy and that hasn't happened since Iron Man last summer.

Today I'm mostly posting to keep up momentum. How are all of you?
Tags: movies, star trek
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